The Last of Us – Review by Vision


Wow what a game I must say before starting this review, a surprising twist from the usual classic zombie genre as people are turned into “Infected” which serves a similar purpose to zombies. In this post apocalyptic game, they bring two unlikely characters with two different traits together as a sort of a father/daughter adventure. They manage to incorporate a really rather strong relationship between the two characters as they journey across country of America, bonding over a variety of events that would wished had never ended. This PS3 exclusive game is a must get if you are looking for a game with decent game play and a great story line.

last of us image

The game’s prologue actually starts off at the center of the outbreak where our main character Joel, his friend and his daughter try to get away from the monsters to safety however whilst on the run they face a very emotionally and unfortunately event which turns Joel into the bitter lonely guy that you see him later in the game. This is one of the games that has a fair amount of cinematic that connects the game together.

With a traumatic beginning to the game, it leads to the survivors (mainly Joel) of this apocalyptic event to the quarantine zone in Boston, where he is reluctantly joined by a young girl Ellie after his partner leads them into a deal with the resistance called The Fireflies, this organisation is basically a resistance to the martial law that has been placed due to the outbreak. His mission is to get Ellie to one of the main centers that are controlled by the Fireflies, along the way Joel is determined to find his estranged brother who was a former Firefly.

The mission leads to them wondering across the wilderness and fairly deserted urban areas, whilst combating against monsters and as well as ruthless hunters who prey on the weak for their supplies, however you also meet a bunch of friendly and not so friendly characters which itself are fillers for the main quest but allows them to all bond and socialise once again as human beings.

The game superbly blends together the cover shooting, stealth and survival horror genre together as the game is filled with plenty of covers such as doorways, fallen objects and corridors which allows plenty of stealth tactical attacks on enemies, especially those you would want to avoid such as those nasty Clickers. Clickers are names given to those whom are in a advanced stage of infection where they have lost the ability to see and must rely on sound to track their prey, they are fairly much more aggressive than the usual runners you see.


As seemingly as a game it is, this has a great potential to be a real event as the situations faced inside the game are fairly real and harsh that can happen in the real world, the game connects very well from the quite moments where you gather supplies or talking to characters to sudden attacks and violent scenes which could happen at every corner.
As they reach the end of their journey the plot and the pacing of the game steps up a gear as a ending Joel must face the morality of his decision to save Ellie from certain fate, as well as Ellie trying to survive on her own whilst having to care for a fairly injured Joel.

The game is a masterpiece with beautifully stunning graphics of the broken land that was once striving with people and activity, as well as the fantastic portrayal of the two main characters Joel and Ellie, it comes with a lot of heart and grit seeing them two interact from heart filled discussions to the general jokes between them.

The Last of Us is a wonderful game receiving fairly high and positive reviews all around with some saying that it could be the start of a new era of survival horror games to come, moving away from all the generic zombie shooters that are already out there in the major market.