Super Smash Bro. Brawl – Review by Vision


This game, one of the very few famous games out there that are considered under the Fighter/Action genre behind those most popular such as Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, the main part of this game is based quite similarly around the same concept where you pick a character and fight to the death against an opponent however in Brawl you can have up to four players fighting for survival.


For those unfamiliar with this Nintendo game, it revolves around popular Nintendo characters such as Zelda, Mario and even Pokémon characters like Pikachu, where they are picked and relying on their classic abilities and moves to take down one another, you can even team up in pairs to battle as a team. In some versions of the game they have added adventure mode where you are going through each mission where you have to defeat each character for an objective as well as puzzles. Unlike Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, this game isn’t as brutal as those and therefore is usually considered a children’s game but who really cares about that as long as its a fun game.

The platform in which you fight are some of the coolest stages in a game I’ve seen, A lot of variety and some even dynamic to get you even more involved. There are stages from each of the characters background, such as a Pokémon stadium reflecting the Pokémon characters in the game or even Luigi’s mansion.

Luigi's Mansion

The main thing I love about this game is the music, especially the main menu theme


This is one of the must have Wii games if you own a Wii in my opinion, its a classic and fun for all ages and family members.
The super smash bros series has even its own tournaments which I believe are getting as popular as the current CS:GO tournaments out there, as a competitive game there is no doubt it will do well.


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