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Ah the much anticipated finale is here! Mockingjay part 2 is the conclusion of the Hunger Games series. All the previous movies in the series have been cut off at the most frustrating cliffhanger scenes you can imagine, so hopefully this one will finish with a bang. Jennifer Lawrence as the famous Katniss Everdeen will try to take back Panem and get peace in this land! The movies before were a big success but they also couldn’t been made without the amazing writer Suzanne Collins.


As lights of the cinema darken, everyone silences, the last part of this series starts. But wait! Let’s look at a summary of the 3 prequels first. To get you into the story again:

So this whole series starts with the 74th Hunger Games. This is a game organised by the capital of Panem, a land of 12 districts. From each district two tributes need to be chosen (one male and one female) to fight to the death in an arena. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) participate in this years Hunger Games as the tributes of District 12, a poor region in Panem. For the first time ever, this is the year that two people win. While they tour through Panem for their victory many districts stand up against the capital. The President of Panem Coriolanus Snow (Donald Sutherland) starts to hate these two people more and more. So he organised something special for the 75th Hunger Games, the quarter quell. All the winners of the previous Hunger Games need to participate in this edition, including Katniss and Peeta. All chosen tributes are against it and it’s not getting much better when it starts. Some tributes got killed. But when Katniss destroys the arena a rescue plan for her starts. She didn’t know this was playing out but many contributors worked on it. She got brought to District 13, an abandoned district that nobody knows about. The rebellions are settled. And from there they want to organise the attack on the capital. Katniss the Mockingjay has been set as the head of the revolution. She makes propaganda movies so people follow her in the fight against the capital. They even manage to rescue some tributes who were held as prisoners, Peeta was one of these as well.


So back to the cinema… the lights have been dark at this time but then the clear white screen comes on. Here you see the tortured Peeta who has already attacked Katniss after he has been rescued. He got brainwashed into associating every danger with Katniss, this is why he wants to kill her so badly. He is kept in a white room with only a bed. Katniss feels really bad for him and wants to go to him. He is very dangerous for her now.


While Katniss is still recovering from her attack the rebels have won many parts of the land. They disabled the capital weapon arsenal in district 2 and are on there way to the capital where President Snow hides. Katniss really want to kill this man by herself but Alma Coin, the rebellion leader refutes her entrance to the battlefield. Of course she managed to sneak onto the battlefield by way of a supply ship. As Coin can’t take her back anymore she got assigned to the Star squad.

This squad is led by Boggs, and includes Gale, Finnick, Cressida, Messalla, Castor, Pollux, Jackson, the Leeg twins, Mitchell, and Homes. They follow the actual invasion of the Capitol from a distance, they are providing video of their incursion for propaganda purposes. Although they think they’re safe and secure far away from the invasion there are still a lot of traps everywhere on the empty streets of the capital. Coin send Peeta with this group as well even he’s not the old one.

When they carefully walk through the streets they still activate a trap that mortally wounds Boggs who dies soon after. Katniss takes over the lead from here, shortly after they activate another trap which releases a flood of lethal black tar. The square they are in at the moment got sealed by high walls and the only way is to run to one of the houses and hope the tar doesn’t get that high. Only when they run to one of the entrances Peeta falls back into his anger for Katniss and attacks her while trying to push her into the tar. Mitchell tries to help Katniss but got pushed in the tar by Peeta and dies.

The other squad members manage to save Peeta and Katness just before the tar drowns them and take them to the top floor of one of the houses. When the tar is gone they rapidly go to another house. This was a smart move because not many seconds later peace keepers destroy that house as there were some cameras on the square. The Leeg twins were still in the old building and got killed. The capital announces Katniss has been killed to stop the invasion. This does not work.

The squad decides to go into the sewers as they want to avoid the traps. This goes much slower but will be safer for them (they think). The capital has seen them going into the sewer and makes a surprise ready. Enormous genetically engineered creatures called “mutts”. They need to flee through the sewers back to the streets. Only many of the teammates don’t make it out of the sewer. These names will show when you watch the movies. The survivors of the squad are heading towards a shop where an old Hunger games stylist lives now.

As she is against the capital she takes them to her secret base where they are safe now.

And when Snow invites every citizen of the capital into his mansion for safety. this will be their chance! But how that will end…

I really enjoyed this series, i found it very interesting and it has a spectacular ending. I do like this kind of movies from time to time but sometimes they’re a bit too standard. I love movies that get into your mind and keep thinking about it for days. That did not happen with this movie for me. Although it was a good story line it was obvious what would happen.  Furthermore, good actors and soundtrack. The Hunger Games itself were very touching and well thought out, and it gave interesting solutions. A series well worth watching, I think the ending is really good and doesn’t leave you with unresolved questions. 3.5 stars for this movie:


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