Community Progress


Hello everyone =)

I hope you have enjoyed your Easter festivities! Yes I mean you crys xD. Alright, here is a long overdue post as I’d like to let you all in on some of the progress with the servers and other things about to appear :). First off, however, I’d like to give a huge thanks <3 to all the team and the extended team of coders, graphic designers, video creators, article authors, game managers, donators, map builders, forum moderators and everyone else who has helped us to get to this point! (That was in no order of importance!)

Call of Duty 4

As you all know we have four gun servers, Search and Destroy, Hardcore, Softcore and Killhouse 24/7. Although Killhouse seems to be considerably more populated than the rest, currently at about GT ranking 30, all four servers are using interesting features and modifications.

Now I must give a big shout out to pac (mojoo), for all the extensive number of hours he’s put into setting up these servers with custom scripts, as well as for helping me personally, to get my head around gsc, globallogic and all that good jazz. On this matter, without him we would be much further behind in progress.

So a quick overview of the modifications you will find on our gun servers:

  • Many annoying perks removed, such as 3xFrag, marty, last stand etc
  • First blood hud shown to all players on the first kill only
  • Fall damage removed
  • Cool filmtweaks enabled, removal of some graphics effects such as smoke, explosions.
  • Custom scoreboard with team names.
  • Final killcam.
  • Anti-guid-spoofer to protect against people stealing b3 admin
  • Spawn from the air =)
  • Car and barrel explosion damage removed
  • Static turrets in maps like backlot have been removed also.
  • Custom switches for !fps (fullbright), !fov (field of view ratio) and maybe more in future if we think of good ideas 🙂

And some things about to arrive:
Hardpoint modifications, specifically removal/or modification of heli. Perhaps we’ll increase number of kills required for uav+airstrike too when we do this?
Hidden b3, commands sent via b3 will no longer appear in public chat.
Advanced screenshot system whereby players can generate through b3, lookup in webpanel (user,password required), and then post straight to forums with quick autocomplete form.

^^On these last two points I’d like to give a big shout out to brun and andr, they have spent much time coding both in C and Python to bring us a good, functioning screenshot and chat control system.

Then there are the knife servers too =) Again, HUGE thanks to pac for setting up most of the scripts for these servers. We have, as you’ve all seen, gradually removed most of the funky scripts from the match server, leaving only basic necessary features. In particular we removed many of the hud scripts to give people a cleaner screen for youtube videos =). Thank you to andr for spending time as well on this server, helping me to better organise and even setting up a version control and git respository =). Also for his help with creating a decent password system, of which you can read about in the linked post.
We have also, for the first time in our history, an American server xD. Knife only in San Fransisco! Thank you to devils for sponsoring this server! It runs on a vps so it’s only 10 slots but good for any Europeans looking for a late night game with some of the Americans in our midst. This server has full knife mod, b3 and echelon as well.

Then, less noticeably, we also have a Deathrun server, although it’s been up and down recently for testing purposes, as neither myself nor pac have heard much back from the DR guys in terms of bug reporting or interest to move forward I am starting to wonder if we should continue with it. However, on a more positive note, I think that if we can generate some interest then it’s a very worthy server to have! So we shall see =). Chillax has spent some time recently looking into this server so I will write to him today for a more recent update.

Finally, soon to come servers include knife only PVP, which I will add mp_knife and some other custom maps onto, I will also create a FAST RANK server for 1.7x, the current one is 1.8 so if you use it, it’s no good for the knife servers, only the gun. CodJump 1.8 will be here very soon again as well.


First thing, I’d like to say a massive thanks to Crys for being brave enough to take on a whole new game in this community. Our roots are, afterall, entirely in COD4 but it’s no secret that people have a wide interest in different types of games. With that said, there have been some particular points of development and interest worth talking about. Specifically, we currently build in a world comprising of 3 maps, there will be the Lobby, a Kingdom and a map for Minigames. The kingdom itself is being developed on a custom made map, designed by friend of the community Venbox! So a huge shout out to him for all his efforts! Many of our plans to date have been put together by leaders in minecraft, including Densy, who unfortunately chose to step down recently. The current minecraft team consists of about 10 builders who are working most nights, in cooperation with each other, on their creations. If you like minecraft and this sounds interesting to you, perhaps you want to help us build an exciting new world, then make sure to contact Crys here on the forums, teamspeak or Skype!


Big thanks to anon! Up to this point the only person who has committed to making videos for the youtube channel but we can also accept videos made by others if they meet the basic requirements. Very nice job from Chillax on his video for the game review of the The Culling, and of course, Azriel on her first knife video. Check out any of the vids at our community channel.

Then there are the awesome game and movie reviewers! Well, when I first started this forums up again, some of it’s early users will remember me being a one man posting machine xD but it was always my intention to create a new, different type of forums that would serve a more diverse scope of interests. Human beings are intelligent creative creatures, so why not display that? We are not sat at our pc’s 24/7, some people are off sporting, while others go to parties, some are system builders while others are coders, some go to the movies whilst others… you get my point. So it’s with a MASSIVE thanks that I reach out to the media content creators, they remind us all there is more to online communities than simply passing time away =).

Finally, for media, I’d like to give a huge thanks to brun <3 for helping me by making a proxy in node for the Mopidy music bot, without it, we could not have it, and plenty of people enjoy using it. Thank you also, to Chillax who very recently upgraded the sinusbot to a newer version with custom scripts!

There is yet an even longer list of linux-related things I could thank andr and brun for working so quietly but diligently behind the scenes on, but I won’t bore you all with techno-gabble.

Looking forward

So what is next? We will continue to work on the servers, add more interesting features, feel free to offer your own thoughts in the suggestions area. If we can up the amount of donations to carry the current dedi there is the real possibility of getting a second machine we could host modern games, example, Battlefield, on.

For now, that is everything but more to come in the future =). Thanks for your time. If you want to leave some comments or have any questions, feel free to do so in the forums: