About Us

Somewhere in the murky depths of COD4 history, a few friends joined together on a small privately run server for fun games of knife, sniper, jumping etc. It turned out knife was what we loved! From there we established our first clan, Knives Out, and grew and developed into ek/EKS, then GPC and finally Morning Star. Our history is long, and to those who have known us throughout the years and travelled the journey with us, we are immeasurably grateful.

It all began back in the winter of 2008, using a Core2 Duo and 2gb ram, we fired up our very first server. The ‘Ace2’ mod and a few custom maps was our home. We wanted a place to play that was more personal and engaging. Around this time we had a friend who needed help running a server; he gave us his server to run as our own, on the condition that we keep it on a Jump mod. Due to the success of this server, and despite us being predominantly knife only players, having the Jump mod has always been an integral part throughout our history.


A few months down the line, we came across the KNIFE club. They were the first group to really take knifing seriously, which had an influence in our development. Before then we had never played knife on a competitive level. With a knifing scene already established on version 1.2, this opened the doors to regular clan wars, often playing at least 2-3 wars a day.

With our skills and reputation within knifing expanding; we felt we wanted to introduce our love of the game to version 1.6. There were plenty of active servers there, but not a single knife server. By bringing with us a handful of knife servers, our name stood out on the server list, attracting a number of fresh faces. With the new change, came a new tag and a new identity. We felt that being a “clan” meant it was unrealistic for so many members to all get involved, so we developed into ek* (European Knifers).

Being a community meant our members were not restricted to being part of only one clan. From this, we saw the rise of many newer clans emerging. At the same time, we also felt it was important the players were ambitious to achieve their highest potential. Therefore, alongside ek, we created >EKS<, an elite group made up of only the strongest knifers, aimed to set the standard – the European Knifing Standard.

Clip of norma and Azriel taking part in one of our tournaments held on our own custom made map.

As our community continued to grow, we were approached by a game server company with an offer. They were looking to build a “community” side to their organisation, and in return offered us a limitless amount of servers. At the time, it was an incredibly appealing negotiation. However, this turned out to be a very surreal stage in our history, as it was the first time since our creation, that we were not the ones making the main decisions of our own development. The experience was a great learning kerb all the same. The servers they offered were based on Linux. There was a clear step up in the quality of our hardware, it also gave us the opportunity to work from the root level of the server. However, they had a lot of unrealistic expectations from us and wanted us to move in a direction that was not fully backed by our members.

In January 2013, we decided to branch off on our own once again, here we saw the birth of the Morning Star Gaming network. By this point, we had expanded into more areas of COD4, than just knifing. Our Deathrun, Jump and Sniper servers were very popular. We consisted of a network of clans each with their own independent goals and recruitment systems. Even moving on to other games such as Battlefield 3, Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.

With all the regular visitors of our website and game servers, our player base exceeded 200 members worldwide.

Well after a short hiatus we are back! We are the same guys as before, with a fresh-faced website running WordPress portal and phpBB forums.

We are looking to go in various directions and support many games in the future! Our interests aren’t strictly limited to playing games either, whether playing games, building systems, programming, learning Linux or just sharing music and knowledge!

I would like to extend a personal thank you to some of the greatest people I’ve met online over the years. We have worked together to create something better for everyone. If you want to know a bit more about our founders and the rest of the team, check out our personal pages.

We’re an ever-expanding community, and we’re always open to new ideas. If you would like to contribute and become a part of our team, we’d love to hear from you.